Advantages of Online Finance Classes

Finance Classes

In a world where everyone is forced to stay home, the benefits of online education is apparent. But what if we still had a choice in the matter? Then, is online education beneficial? In this article, we at Orbit Institutes take a look at the advantages of online finance classes, irrespective of the pandemic.

International Collaboration: To begin with, Orbit Institutes works closely with a number of international organizations, the largest being the Professional Accounting Supplementary School or PASS in Canada. This institute is a highly acclaimed CPA review provider. They help us train Indian students to work and live in Canada. International collaborations such as this would not have been quite so easy without online classes.

Easier to Attend: How many times have you been late for class, due to the traffic, weather or some other such issue? And then how much do you have to stretch yourself in order to cover up what you have missed? Quite painful, isn’t it? With online finance classes, all these problems go away, allowing you to focus on what’s important; your syllabus.

Set your Own Pace: Some students grasp new concepts quickly. Others need more time. Learning in a traditional classroom, means that you have to keep up with the majority of your peers. With online classes however, you have the option of going back to your lectures and understanding them better.

Set your Own Timetable: Many of our students also have jobs. Between work, family and social responsibilities, there really isn’t much time for studying. Online finance classes help students set their own timetables, allowing them to balance the pressures of work, home and studies.

Focused Interactions with Professors: Remember what it was like in a physical classroom? You’ve been attending lectures all day. A few minutes before a class is scheduled to end, one of your peers gets into a long discussion with the professor. You can neither focus on the discussion, nor can you move to the next class. Similarly, those participating in the discussion may not get a detailed response from the professor.

With online finance classes, these problems are non-existent. Yes the professor will still adhere to the allotted time. However, usually students have the option of emailing their queries, or sometimes having a one-on-one chat with the professor. This gives the professor time to respond in detail, and the student more clarity on the subject.

No Distractions: How many times have you been more interested in something that is happening outside the classroom? Or even if you are completely focused, your classmates create a distraction. It happens even to the best of us.

With online finance classes, there are much fewer distractions. You get to create your own environment, free of distractions. You can put on a set of headphones, lock yourself in a room and focus better. Though there is a possibility of your online classmates creating distractions, the probability of it happening is far less. Also online forums do not encourage digressions from the topic at hand.

A Comfortable Environment: One thing the lockdown has taught us, is that every professional, irrespective of status, success or power has a dirty little secret; most of the time, they hate being formally dressed! The same applies to students. Studying from the comfort of your home allows you to wear whatever you want. And most people love it.

But that’s not all. Not having to be physically present at a particular location, allows you to customize your environment as you like. Which means, if you focus better with music, play it; if being outdoors helps you concentrate, sit on the park bench; if you’re hungry, grab a snack. With online finance classes you can customize your environment to suit your method of studying.

Cost Effectiveness: The paradox we all face is that sometimes studying finance, can burn a hole in your own finances! On the bright side, at least you’ll know how to recover your money :). Jokes apart, quality education can be expensive and many students may not be able to afford it. With online finance classes, this burden is greatly reduced.

When you physically attend a class, you are paying for more than the course. Your course fee also includes infrastructure costs such as meals, electricity, building maintenance and so on and so forth. Apart from that you pay for your own expenses such as commuting.

Online finance courses don’t just reduce all these additional expenses, they also help save on time. And as we all know, time is money.

Any finance course can be rigorous. And doing it well opens up a world of opportunities for you.  At Orbit Institutes, we believe that online education has huge potential. Our US & Canadian CPA courses are available online. Contact us for registrations.

A word of warning though, before we sign off; remember, any form of education is only as good as the effort you put into it. Self-discipline is the key to gaining the maximum benefit from online finance courses. Stay home and study hard!


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