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Orbit Institutes Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of educational and training services in India. With a global approach to service delivery, Orbit Institutes provides services that span national boundaries and respond to the complex challenges that students face. Since our inception in 1997, we have continually evolved to better address the needs of students and corporates we serve.

Today, as an International education system, we serve around 900 students annually. Since incorporation, Orbit Institutes has expanded its operations to 12 major cities in India.


Our vision is to create an environment that allows for the personal and professional growth of our students. We serve our students by teaching them leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

We assist candidates to pursue the advantages provided by a diverse and emerging economy. An economy where creativity, discovery and professional & personal development can flourish.

"I Cleared all the four parts in the first attempt and I scored BEC - 93, FARE - 98, Reg -92, and Aud-92.
Becker Review Course is really helpful!"

Ameya Velhankar, CPA, Mumbai, India

"Becker review course has all i needed to master the subjects and clear my CPA examination. I know for sure without Becker Review, I would not have completed my exams."

Shankar Venugopalan, CPA, India

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