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The CPA designation is administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and is similar to the CA Qualification in India. CPA is the most valued and globally recognized credential in Accounting Domain. The CPA designation demonstrates high ethical standards and commitment to the body of knowledge. The CPA Exam serves to protect public interest by ensuring only qualified individuals become licensed CPAs.

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With global business becoming a fact of life and multinational corporations present in every sector, the initials CPA behind your name, can help you revamp your career and scale new heights. With infrastructure spanning 12 major cities of India, we provide local support and dependable training solutions to individuals and corporates alike, That is why we are rated as one of the top CPA Institutes in India. Since 1997 we have provided CPA training to over 7000 students and are the professional education provider of choice for well over 300 corporations in India.

Orbit Institute, in alliance with Becker Professional Education, the most acclaimed CPA Review provider in USA, is offering a comprehensive Certified Public Accounts Training to prepare aspirants for success in the examination.

The CPA course combines rigorous methodology, all-inclusive content and over 180 hours of coaching instruction to ensure students are fully prepared on exam day. Our integrated approach maximizes your study – giving you the greatest chance of passing.

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    Boost Credibility
    Increase Career Opportunities & Marketability
    Enhance Earning Potential
    Provide Career Stability



     What you can earn as a CPA.

    Balance sheets, annual reports, and financial forecasts are the accountant’s stock and trade. But what happens when you run the numbers on the profession itself and specifically the CPA designation? Take a look.

    The $1 million dollar advantage.
    It’s true. Over the course of a 40-year career, a CPA can earn as much as $1 million more than a non-certified accountant. CPA’s can earn up to 10% more than their non-credentialed counterparts.




    Indian Graduates having an Associate’s degree from an accredited university with relevant educational requirements in accounting and business

    You are eligible to sit for CPA Exam if you are :

    •  Chartered Accountants
    •  ICWAs
    •  Company Secretaries
    •  MBAs
    •  Post-Graduates with accounting background
    •  Commerce Graduates


    A CPA certification is a professional designation that signifies expertise in accounting and financial management. A CPA course is designed to provide comprehensive education and preparation for the CPA examination, covering the necessary topics and knowledge required to pass the exam and earn the certification.
    Enrolling in Orbit Institutes CPA course can provide several benefits, including structured learning, expert guidance, comprehensive study materials, practice exams, and a focused curriculum tailored specifically for the CPA exam. These courses can significantly increase your chances of passing the exam and obtaining the CPA certification.
    The duration of a CPA course can vary depending on the format and intensity of the program. Full-time CPA courses offered by educational institutions may range from several months to a year. Alternatively, self-paced online courses allow individuals to study at their own pace, with the flexibility to complete the course within a timeframe that suits their schedule.
    The educational requirements to enroll in a CPA course may vary depending on the State Board. Generally, most CPA courses require candidates to have a bachelor's degree in accounting or a related field. Some courses may also accept individuals with a non-accounting degree but require them to complete prerequisite accounting courses before starting the CPA course.
    Yes, Becker CPA Review is specifically designed to prepare candidates for the CPA examination. They cover the content areas tested in the exam, provide study materials, offer practice questions and exams, and often include instructor support. By following the structured curriculum and utilizing the resources provided in the course, candidates can increase their chances of passing the CPA examination.
    Yes, there are numerous online CPA course options available. Online CPA courses offer the flexibility to study at your own pace and convenience, access to comprehensive study materials, and interactive learning platforms, and often include video lectures and instructor support. These courses are ideal for individuals who prefer self-paced study or have other commitments alongside their exam preparation.
    While completing a CPA course is a crucial step towards obtaining the CPA certification, it does not guarantee certification on its own. The final step is successfully passing the CPA examination, which also requires meeting other eligibility criteria, such as educational requirements and work experience, set by the relevant accounting governing body.
    When selecting a CPA course, consider factors such as the reputation and credibility of the course provider, the course curriculum and structure, availability of practice exams and study materials, instructor support, and flexibility in terms of study options. Additionally, reading reviews and testimonials from past students can provide insights into the effectiveness and quality of the course.
    Yes, many CPA courses are designed to accommodate individuals who are working or studying full-time. Online CPA courses, in particular, offer the flexibility to study at your own pace and fit your study schedule around other commitments. It is essential to choose a course that provides the necessary flexibility and support to help you balance your study and other responsibilities effectively.
    Yes, if you don't pass the CPA examination, you can choose to retake a CPA course to reinforce your knowledge and enhance your exam preparation. Many course providers offer options for retaking or extending access to their course materials to support candidates in their exam retake efforts.

    Modes of Training: Online (By National Instructors from Pune) or Classroom Training

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