Step By Step Process Of US CPA

Aspirants frequently have a lot of questions about the CPA application process.

A licence for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) is given out by 55 US states and territories. You are eligible to work as a certified financial advisor once you have obtained your CPA licence. Depending on your skills or experiences, it will enable you to take on a variety of responsibilities during your career, such as public accountant, financial consultant, tax adviser, CFO, auditor, controller, or federal officer, among others. The licence is one of the most sought-after in the global accounting community.

You must succeed in the CPA Application Process or CPA exam registration in order to be qualified to take the CPA USA exam. The CPA exam is a valid and trustworthy indicator of a candidate’s aptitude. AIPCA is in charge of managing it. You will need to be approved by one of the jurisdictions, as each has its unique standards, in order to be able to take the exam. You can work as a CPA once you have passed the exam.

Although the CPA exam application process varies from state to state, the majority of the steps are the same. You may be booked for the initial CPA exam in 4-6 weeks if all the requirements are met. However, if you miss out on any details, the process could take longer and be more stressful.

Follow the directions here to make sure you accurately complete the CPA application procedure so you can spend more time studying for the exam and less time worrying about it getting accepted.

Before everything else, be sure to check USA CPA eligibility and also if you’re eligible-

Before moving forward with your application, you must be eligible to take the CPA exam. Making sure you have satisfied all state requirements in order to take the exam is the first thing you need to do. There are a few important things that you should keep in mind.

  • To be eligible for this exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree with 120 credits in some states and 150 credits in many others.
  • Verify your completion of the necessary accounting and business coursework.
  • Exams may be taken in states other than the one you presently reside in.
  • Age, citizenship, and experience are additional considerations that differ in each state.

You are qualified to start the application process if you have satisfied all of the exam requirements outlined by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and the regional state boards. This test is also open to students from other countries. The exam is given in English, and candidates must meet the same requirements and take the same actions as US applicants. Japan, Brazil, Ireland, India, England, South Korea, Scotland, Germany, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates are among the countries that give the test.

How can I apply to take the USA CPA exam?

To apply successfully for the USA CPA exam, follow the listed step-by-step CPA registration instructions.

1. Send the State Board the official transcripts as soon as possible.

Determining your eligibility is the second crucial stage in the CPA registration process. You must email the state board of accountancy all of your college transcripts before you can start filling out the application. Keep in mind that you must send ALL of the transcripts. This includes all of your academic records from every institution you’ve attended, as well as your transcripts from the community and junior colleges. Transcripts from every university you have ever attended, even for a single semester, must be sent as well.

2. Submit the exam application and CPA registration fees.

You must fill out the form when the state board has received the transcripts. Fill up the exam application and give information by responding to a few questions about your life and your schooling. Please email the completed application together with the required fees. Depending on the state, there are various fees, but they often range from $100 to $200.

You will need to wait a few weeks after sending it before receiving the permit test. Keep in mind that you can only register and apply to take the exam in one state at a time.

3. Obtain test authorization.

Following the board’s approval of your application, you will be given permission to take the test (ATT). You can register for the exam part in the state using this document. The paper has a 90-day validity period, so you must choose which component to complete first before that time runs out.

  • The application cost expires after 90 days, and you will need to pay again to obtain a new valid document. You must log in to NASBA once you are certain of the section. Following that, you will need to pay the exam section fee that you have selected.
  • Each state will have various CPA registration fees, but a portion typically costs between $180 and $250. Consequently, you must pay an average of $1,200 for the four components. If you want to get the most out of the CPA exam and application process, I would strongly advise against signing up for all of the exam portions at once.
  • A notification to schedule (NTS) document is given to applicants following the completion of the fee payment process. NTS is a legal document that entitles you to take the exam in your state and sit for it. Most states give you six months to set up dates for your CPA exam after you receive the NTS. Paying for all the pieces at once is typically
  • However, accountancy professionals advise applying for a comfortable number unless you are confident that you will ace all four sections in a single sitting. One at a time is also acceptable. The rationale is that you typically have six months to schedule your tests in most states. If you reserve all four, you must take all of the exams within the allotted six months or you will forfeit the price. Six months will not allow much time for each part to get focused attention.

4. Get the scheduling notice in step four (NTS)

.The mail delivery of the notification to the schedule will take around 4 weeks. To schedule the exam date on the Prometric website, you must log in using this document. Please keep in mind that the NTS is only good for six months and can be used to schedule the segment you paid for over the subsequent six months.

5. Schedule the exam

You can set the exam date by visiting the Prometric test centre website using the NTS. Indicate the NTS exam section ID and the testing facility where you want to take the exam. You can use the application to seek a centre if you are unsure which ones are nearby.

Take the actions outlined below-

  • Visit the Prometric website to register for the test.
  • Select the country or region where you want to take the exam.
  • Enter your last name and the first four digits of the exam section.
  • Select the exam’s venue, date, and section before registering.

Various states have various NTS windows. From the time the NTS was issued, you will have nine months in California, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Utah. Texas has 90 days starting from the date of application, while Virginia, North Dakota, and South Dakota will each grant 12 months.


Fees for Rescheduling

There is also a rescheduling option in the CPA exam registration procedure. You have the option to postpone or cancel your exam. There will be no fee for rescheduling or cancelling if you do so at least 30 days in advance. However, you will be required to pay the entire amount for the section on the Prometric website if you choose to reschedule your exam appearance within 5 days of your appointment. It cannot be changed within 24 hours of the exam. The only choice you will have been to reapply.

Be sure to study for the test, and keep in mind that applications can be submitted at any time of the year, regardless of the testing windows.



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